Arvind Linguistics Pvt Ltd is the company which hosts and

Arvind Linguistics is a company formed by a group of dedicated persons passionate about words & Indian languages, and also about bringing innovative cost-effective solutions to the Healthcare Industry.

Our Vision

To achieve highest possible standards in bilingual and multi-lingual lexicography.

To be a trusted partner with all language users and global society in general, powered by passionate minds, ready to adapt innovative ways and means to excel in a fast-developing techno-electronic world.

To bring tangible benefits to the Healthcare Industry by offering open source solutions that increase business efficiency and bring true benefits without vendor lock-in.

Our Values


To exceed public expectations zealously and take the future head on.


To strive for excellence in all we do benchmarked with the best on the net and print globally.


To create innovative communication tools for success through mastery over languages and communication capabilities.

User Centricity

To ensure users’ satisfaction and their trust: Always. forever, regularly, reliably, consistently, ceaselessly…


To help users to express themselves better and add power to what they write or say.

To take Indian languages to the world and bring world languages to India.

To distribute and implement innovative, open source products and solutions for the Healthcare Industry


1) Healthcare Products & Services, managed by Dr. Sumeet Kumar, the CTO

2) Lexicographic and Publishing Activities, managed by Meeta Lall, the CEO

Healthcare Products & Services:
Exclusive Distributor: CyberMed Healthcare Products & Solutions

Note: Relationship with CyberMed Solutions, an allied company

1) CyberMed Solutions (a Sole Proprietorship owned by Dr. Sumeet Kumar) has created all the software needed for Arvind Lexicon at zero cost.

2) CyberMed Solutions has also given Arvind Linguistics an exclusive license to distribute and implement the entire range of its Healthcare Products in India as well as globally.

CyberMed Solutions specializes in creating next-generation products that meet the unique and exacting needs of the healthcare industry.

These products have certain unique features in common:

· They are based on leading Open Source platforms and frameworks, allowing rapid development and an extremely rich feature set.

· The solutions are offered under an GPL v3 Open Source license, giving clients exceptional benefits, such as on-site implementation, complete data privacy, zero user license fees, full access to source code and the least possible vendor risk.

· The solutions are designed to integrate with software solutions that may be in current use by the client

· The solutions are customized for the Healthcare industry and fit in with the existing flow of operations.

CyberMed CRM – Open Source CRM for Healthcare

CyberMed CRM is a Customer Relationship and Experience Management System customized for the Healthcare industry.

It is based on Open Source SugarCRM® Community Edition ( and SuiteCRM® ( with enhancements to meet needs & workflows of Hospitals.

It covers Advanced Case Management, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Feedback and Portal, Ad Hoc Queries & Management Dashboards & Reports.

CyberMed CRM integrates with Hospital Information Systems, Emails, Call Center and PABX software, SMS Gateways , eShops and Social Media provide a seamless 360° view of customer interactions across all channels.

Please visit ( for more information .

CyberMed PABX & CCX – Open Source PABX & Call Center for Healthcare

CyberMed PABX & CCX is a PABX and Call Center Solution customized for the Healthcare industry.

It is based on Open Source SipXecs ® ( with enhancements to meet needs & workflows of Hospitals.

CyberMed PABX & CCX integrates with CyberMed CRM to provide seamless management of the customer experience across all channels.

Please visit ( for more information .

CyberMed SBS – Open Source Small Business Server for Healthcare

CyberMed SBS is a Small Business Server that meets the needs of organizations of all sizes.

It is based on the Open Source CentOS Linux Platform with enhancements to meet needs & workflows of Hospitals.

It provides firewall, directory server with AD integration, file & print server, antivirus scanning, email server & client with push facility, im server, and Web server functionality.

Please visit ( for more information .

Lexicographic & Publishing Products and Services

Arvind Lexicon Database

Arvind Lexicon is the largest bilingual database in the world. It comprises 9,51,045 expressions under 38,492 subheadings.

single-handedly created the application & database for Arvind Lexicon.

Arvind Lexicon Online: English-Hindi-Roman Dictionary Thesaurus & Language Explorer

Our web-based application Arvind Lexicon Online: Electronic English–Hindi–Roman Dictionary Thesaurus and Language Explorer draws upon our extensive Arvind Lexicon database to be used as a bilingual dictionary, thesaurus and language explorer.

Words can be searched and explored easily by a click of the mouse. They can be looked up in English, Hindi or transliterated Roman script which is especially useful for those who cannot type or read Devanagari.

The Penguin English-Hindi/Hindi-English Thesaurus & Dictionary

A landmark in bilingual lexicography, The Penguin English-Hindi/Hindi-English Thesaurus & Dictionary by Arvind Kumar & Kusum Kumar comprises 600,000 expressions. It is the only linguistic tool in the world which juxtaposes Hindi and English vocabularies and helps one find proper Hindi equivalents for English words and vice versa.

Arvind Linguistics has purchased all rights to this work and is its sole distributor.

Arvind Word Power Series (under publication)

The Arvind Word Power series by Arvind Kumar is a battery of books which seek to enhance the user’s word power multi-fold and to be of use in communicating thoughts appropriately and powerfully. A series of four books are ready to be printed:

· Arvind English-Hindi Word Power

· Arvind Hindi-English Word Power

· Arvind Hindi Word Power

· Arvind English Word Power

Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild by Akshay Lall is a coffee table book with 200 wildlife pictures clicked 18 year old Akshay Lall in the last five years across the forests of India and Kenya.

Akshay strongly believes that wildlife photography can create a unique appreciation of planet Earth. Call of the Wild is young Akshay’s pictorial cry to save a world that is fast disappearing. He seeks to impact the way people view and connect with the wild.